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Honda Fit EV Battery Pack Replacement

Honda Fit EV Battery Pack Replacement

[continued from previous post] After learning that my car was, in fact, not ready to be picked up, I was told there was a problem with the battery leak detection circuit. The battery pack is hermetically sealed and it has sensors in it that activate if the battery leaks or if any external liquids enter … Continue reading

homefixcorporation: HomeFix Corporation is all about energy efficiency. Here is a tutorial about the energy efficiency of electric vehicles.

Ecotality Blink EVSE Problems Our Ecotality Blink EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment, aka electric car charging station) was installed at the end of January, and it was fine. Nothing special, just an EVSE that worked. We hadn’t had any bad experiences like practically everyone else. That is, until the recent software update. On February 2, … Continue reading

colbytrudeau: Doug Korthof, an avid EV activist passed away this morning. His activism has moved the EV industry in ways no one else could have. You will always be remembered, Doug.