An Update on Blink Network

A few months ago, I wrote a post on some issues I was having with overheating connectors on Ecotality’s Blink charging stations. Shortly after writing the post, Ecotality replaced the cordsets on many of the EVSEs I had complained about. Even with Honda’s software update, I can still feel a faulty connector get warm. However, I’m happy to report that none of the replacement connectors have shown any signs of overheating. The connectors are still only a few months old, but I’m hoping they’ve fixed any crimping issues so these connectors can last 10,000 mating cycles before needing replacement.  Ecotality contacted me ear`lier this week to make sure I wasn’t having any issues. This is a huge step forward, though Ecotality still has plenty of room for improvement (as I type this I am charging next to a broken Blink EVSE).

Blink Push NotificationsAnother sign of improvement from Ecotality is the Blink app finally getting push notifications. I would much rather receive a push notification than a text when my car is done charging. Honda’s push system doesn’t work, so I rely on emails from the car. However, I’m not always checking my email, so I also am set up to receive texts from Blink when my car is done charging, unplugged, etc. However, each text comes from a new number and starts a new conversation in my messages app (I believe this is more of an AT&T issue than a Blink one). This week I started to get push notifications when I first plug my car in. Right now, these are completely useless (I know I plugged my car in…), but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I start getting “charge complete” and “vehicle unplugged” pushes from Blink.

Although Ecotality has made a lot of mistakes with Blink, from early software that constantly crashed to faulty connectors, they always seem to be making an effort to fix these issues and make things right. I’m interested to see where the company will be in a few years.


2 thoughts on “An Update on Blink Network

  1. Update: On 5/15/13 I charged on a Blink EVSE, who’s connector had been replaced around March 2013. I charged from 5:30pm-8:00pm in the shade. Ambient temperature was just under 70. The connector got quite warm. Warmer than normal, but it didn’t smell like melting plastic and it didn’t hurt to touch. I will keep monitoring this to see if it gets worse.

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