Honda Fit EV Software Update

Honda has released a new version of the ECU firmware for the 2013 Fit EV. If you are having trouble charging at Ecotality’s Blink stations, I recommend you take your car to your dealership and have this update performed. It is covered under the standard maintenance for the car and should not cost you anything.

I have been in contact with Honda engineers and they have explained to me how the software update works. Normally, when charging at certain Blink EVSE, the charge port begins to heat up and once it gets too hot, the Fit EV cancels the charge. This can be very frustrating. What the latest software does is monitor the temperature of the inlet and as the connection heats up, the car reduces the amount of current it’s drawing through the connection, resulting in a cooler connection. From what I have experienced, the process has been optimized to minimize any increase in charge time from the current reduction. The increase in charge time that I have experienced is barely noticeable, on the order of minutes on a full charge (compared to charging on a Blink station with a connector that doesn’t get hot).

Ecotality has a different story than Honda. Ecotality has said that the Fit EV and the charging equipment “are not talking to each other in the right way.” He said, “the Blink station may trip the temperature sensor and stop the charging.” There is no way that the Blink station can trip the temp sensor through communicating with the Fit EV. Temperature is not part of the communication protocol. The only way I could see this being true is if the Fit EV was interpreting a 30A pilot signal as something greater than 30A and started pulling more than the rated current. This could cause the connector to heat up and trip the temp sensor. Of course, this contradicts what Honda has said. If I ever figure out what’s really going on, I’ll be sure to update this post.

Unfortunately this update only covers the ECU. The navigation system is still on the same old firmware. It still only thinks there are 5 charging stations in San Diego County and still shows gas stations on the map.

5 thoughts on “Honda Fit EV Software Update

  1. Interesting Colby. I went back and looked at your post at this link as well.

    If it isn’t what you suggest, something to do with the 30A pilot signal, then I’d think it has something to do with the connection. It’s not tight enough.

    I’m sure the J1772 specification would include something having to do with the mechanical contact of the connection. As we all know, as a connection heats up, it can expand and increase the resistance.

    Whatever the case, it better get fixed. One failure of the safety override and poof, EV fire. And no one needs that.

    • It’s possible that it’s the connection between the two units or a bad joint in the car or the REMA connector. I’d bet against it being a bad crimp in the car, since it doesn’t happen on all charging stations. Since there’s evidence of poor crimps in the REMA connectors on the Blink, so there’s a good chance that’s the issue.

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