Fit EV Emergency Response Guide Reveals New Info

Today I stumbled upon Honda’s Emergency Response Guide for the 2013 Fit EV. Automakers are required to make these for all of their vehicles, so that EMS workers can easily and effectively assist passengers involved in a collision.

Reading through the guide, I found a few pieces of new (to me) information:

  • The 20kWh battery pack is made up of 18 modules connected in series and parallel
  • Each module contains 24 2.3V cells (so that’s 432 batteries in the car, 433 if you count the 12V)
  • Total voltage of the battery pack is about 331V
  • You can disconnect the HV battery from beneath the center console (I think this is a requirement for all EVs)

Not too much new info, but it was interesting to learn a bit about the configuration of the battery pack. Click the image below to check out the Emergency response guide. If the link is broken, all of the latest Honda Emergency Response Guides can be found at

2013 Fit EV Emergency Response Guide

2 thoughts on “Fit EV Emergency Response Guide Reveals New Info

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