Fit EV Delivery!

Fit EV DeliveryYesterday, I picked up my brand new Honda Fit EV from Honda of Escondido. If you are trying to order a Fit EV, I would highly recommend Andrea at Honda of Escondido. She went out of her way to get me through the whole process as quickly as possible, making several calls to Honda to pull some strings to get me in this car.

Immediately after signing the lease, we drove up to Howard Stein and  Linda Nicholes’ house, 80 miles away, where they were throwing a “Solar Fiesta” fundraiser for La Mirada high school. We arrived with “0” miles remaining, after driving about 60-65 with AC on. Once we arrived, we plugged into Howard’s SPX power express portable 32A 240V EVSE, which will charge the Fit EV from empty in about 3.5 hours. Check out the photo belwo. The Fit was charging with a few other EVs, too! After charging for a bit, I gave some test rides of the Fit EV. I started each time in “eco” mode (with 4-5 adults in the car). In eco mode, half the power is available and the car is still pretty quick. I put the car into “normal” mode, and the power really starts to show. In normal mode, the car is a little peppier than the Nissan LEAF. Once I got to a stop, I would put the car in “sport” mode and show my passengers what the car can really do. It’s no Tesla, but it will beat an BMW Active E up to about 45mph.

After test rides, I charged up some more and headed back to San Diego. The trip back was about 90 miles. I hit “0” after about 85 miles and drove the last 5 city miles on “reserve”.

So far, I absolutely love this car. I would recommend it to anyone who is l0oking to lease an EV. It is one of the best deals out there (for any new car, not just an EV). If you have questions about the car, let me know and I will do my best to find out answers for you!

Roadster, Fit EV, Active E, and LEAF charging up!

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